Jackie and I want to thank all of you at Olympia Kennels for providing us with the most amazing dogs, ever! To say we are happy with the dogs, and the subsequent training, would be a gross understatement.  


You guys found the greatest dogs for us. Our 10 month old boy, Kili, is the perfect blend of sweet, calm and gentle, and "I'll rip your arm off if you hurt my people".  He is gorgeous, smart, and level headed.  Happy to play a bit, exercise, then chill with us.  Because of his beautiful temperament, he will serve dual roles as a therapy dog in schools, and personal protection dog in our house and on the trails. 


I am still astounded by the quality of the training provided during his two months of board and train.  Anes is such a skilled and caring trainer.  He spent hours with us, training us, answering an endless stream of questions, and bringing out the best in our boy.  


Although we planned to wait a year to get a second dog, we just fell in love with one of your newest imports.  This 11 week old pup is calm, sweet, and ridiculously smart. He, like Kili, is a head turner.


-Jackie & Liz


Our Remington Flint “Remy” is fourteen months old now; a son of Bara and Tayra.  That was Tayra’s first litter and she had twelve beautiful babies — six boys and six girls.

We have had many GS’s over years and just a short time before Tayra was determined to be pregnant, we had to make the very difficult decision to put our then nine year old GS to sleep.  We had taken him for training with Mike several years earlier so as Chester residents we were very familiar with Olympia Kennels.  So it was time to once again fill our home with a baby GS.  We knew Olympia Kennels had a very high reputation of breeding the best black and red GS’s and we have been more than happy with Remy.  He has a great personality, is extremely intelligent and is a real head-turner.  Thanks to Mike and Gina, our home is whole once again.  Without any doubt, we would recommend Olympia Kennels for their breeding and training programs.  Anyone who is a serious GS lover need look no further than to Mike and Gina at Olympia Kennels in Chester NH.


Olympia Kennels has been part of our family for the past 10 years. We purchased our first German Shepherd, Sasha,  from them 10 years ago and have been in love with the breed ever since. We purchased an import puppy, Anja, from them a year later. The two of them have been best buddies from day one.  Olympia Kennels has a passion for breeding the highest quality German Shepherds. Their dedication to the breed is outstanding and is of the utmost importance to them and it shows in the quality of their dogs. They produce GSD’s with the qualities a GSD should have; intelligence, beauty, drive to work, confidence, excellent temperament, obedient, faithful, and a family companion with unmatched loyalty. Their knowledge is exemplary and not just with breeding but also with training and schutzhund.  Mike is the best trainer – we have learned so much from him and he is always teaching us more. His passion for his dogs and his dedication to helping others with their dogs is astounding. It is not just a job to him it is a way of life and you can see the love he has for it – even now 50+ years in! Gina is amazing with the breeding and knows just how to match up the perfect puppy to each owner/family. She is always helpful and communicates often during the process of purchasing a puppy or dog. She really cares about each one of them and wants to ensure a great fit for the owner/family and for the dog. She has always been available for any questions, concerns or issues. 


We most recently purchased another puppy, Kya, a year ago and she is the sweetest and most attentive GSD we have had the pleasure to be part of our family.


Thank you Olympia Kennels for bringing so much joy into our lives!

Kobe_Dalton and Julianne.JPG

When we got married, my husband had only one serious request. He said, "We are going to get a German Shepherd and his name will be Kobe."
This was our first interaction with a breeder and we couldn't have been happier. From our initial visit, the staff members at Olympia were warm, helpful, informative, and most importantly invested in the wellbeing and quality of life of their pups. We received plenty of updates and pictures of Kobe and Gina helped us to prepare ahead of time for what we would need. The day we picked him up we could sense that this was more than a business to the staff at Olympia and that all of these dogs were loved like family. Gina remained available to us throughout the early days when we had many questions and assisted us in training when the time came. I still feel comfortable to reach out over a year later. We could not be happier with our German Shepherd puppy Kobe. He is smart, energetic, healthy, and the king of our castle! We would highly recommend Olympia Kennels to anyone looking for a professional and warm experience adding a GSD to their family. 

-Dalton and Julianne


“Hi Gina!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for helping us get Cisco, a Ruby and Teddy daughter. She is Amazing! Cis is everything we hoped for and more and she is not even one year old yet. She means the world to us, and we can't thank everyone at Olympia enough. It's great to be back out adventuring with a four-legged best friend again!” 

-The Martins


"Hi everyone at Olympia Kennels,

              I wanted to write you to thank you for everything…going back to when I came to you looking for a puppy and after meeting me you recommended Cesar…a 15 month old adolescent import who needed a home…and little did I know I needed him. It was a perfect match. We clicked and were the best of friends..truly a man and his dog. Cesar helped me though some difficult times in my life…some real changes..and he was there with me always ready to be a lift my spirits when they were down. It was heartbreaking when I lost him. I had just gotten back on track and was looking forward to the future with him. He will always hold a special place in my heart. After a year and a half…it was time and I came to you again looking to fulfill a void and as life would have it there was a litter coming from Dagger and Ruby…I staked my claim on a male and as luck would have it there was only one…Ruckus..i had thought to name him something grand and manly. Thor or Zeus…something like that but once I met him at 6weeks in the puppy room with him running around and knocking stuff over, Ruckus it was. I opted to have him stay for puppy training and came a couple of times a week to visit and play with him while he was there, our bond growing with every visit. It was a again a perfect fit. Ruckus has been through the puppy class, standard and intermediate obedience and has recently complete the advanced obedience class. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Ruckus on personal protection training and watching him really blossom into a wonderful example of what the true German Shepherd breed is. Working with you all at Olympia has been more than just a breeder/owner experience…I truly feel as though I have gained a friendship with all of you..and look forward to the years ahead. "

-Brad W.

Lhasa & Hagrid Door.jpg

"Dear Heather,


It's really good to hear from you guys. We're all well, as are both of our fantastic Olympia GSDs: Lhasa, almost 4, and Hagrid, 9. We are SO grateful every day for their companionship and (though we're totally biased) we think they're the best dogs in the world! 


They are both energetic and happy and they glue us altogether. Lhasa loves to run circles around Hagrid (who has slowed down a bit in his middle age) and she goads him into chasing and roughhousing in the back yard. Both dogs have maintained their beautiful temperament and balance. They are always gentle with people (especially children) and they always keep a keen eye on the house. Like Mike said about training and obedience, you put in two years of hard work and patience up front, you'll get 10 years (we'll hope for that and more) of reward.


I have attached a closeup of Lhasa and some snapshots of both dogs here. After 25 years in New England, we moved to central New Jersey take faculty positions at Rutgers University. It's been a big adjustment for all of us and the kids, but a good adventure so far. We've found some trails and farms for walking with the dogs. Of course, we come back to NH when we can to see friends and hike.


Please give Mike and Gina and Anes our very best. I hope all is well at the kennel and with your dogs and litters. I'm still playing guitar and recorded a record a couple summers ago. Hagrid (a painting of him by a friend) is on the cover:


Also, Lhasa makes a brief appearance at the start of a homemade music video I made a little while back:


We've been meaning one of these days to drop by on a return trip to NH and say hello. I'm looking forward to that.


With Best Wishes,"

-Dave H.


"We have had Rangeley for just over a year and couldn’t be more in love with her!  She is my running buddy every morning and is always ready for a hiking adventure or a road trip to Maine.  Not only is she so physically impressive that cars and people stop to ask about her, but her personality is amazing—goofy, loving, and so smart.  We knew about Olympia Kennel’s impressive reputation but Rangeley is more amazing than we could have imagined.   Not to mention the assistance with training along the way!  We have already committed to adding another from a coming litter to our family this summer!  We can’t wait to see Rangeley and her brother play and grow together.  Thank you to everyone at Olympia!"

Nicole B.


"Hi Heather - you have great timing - was going to touch base this week as Hannah had her second check up yesterday -  she’s 31.6#. She went camping last week for 4 days - and she’s so good that we were able to leave her off leash in the site with the other two with absolutely no issues.  She occasionally sleeps in her crate, but mostly in the bedroom with the rest of us - gets up at 5:30 & if we’re going to sleep in she’ll come right back upstairs and settle down in short order for a couple hours.  Amazing for a 3 month old puppy.  Speaking of which hopefully you will hear from a few folks over time from the Western Ma area.  Our vets office is awesome ( a real farm office - large & small critters) - one of the techs there also has a dog training business -  the general consensus is that she has a maturity they don’t usually see in puppies along with great instincts and a very quick command of what’s asked of her.  They said they get folks asking about reputable GSD breeders and they’ve seen a lot of decent dogs that will need some training and attention, but few of Hannahs temperament - they said it really shows that you  breed for that and they wanted your contact information to give to folks who inquire.   So the clinic is called Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic , Belchertown, Ma- its owned by Cliff Morkum - we typically work with a young gal (that I watched grow up locally!) named Jess Schagrue -  the other vets there are awesome as well - but Cliff & Jess have been our go to’s for a long time."

Alyson R.

"I have had three shepherds, with Katana (from Olympia) being our third. The other two shepherds came from a breeder in South Carolina. Make no mistake, they were good but in regards to genetics, temperament and trainability Katana is hands down the best. I think those three things are the key to any good dog but they are particularly important in a GSD, especially one that you want to be part of your family.

The genetics that you get from an Olympia GSD are tops. Gina and Mike have a lot of criteria that go into their breeding selection as well.  I wouldn’t call them breeders but rather professionals who are guardians of the breed. The results are a GSD that WANTS to be part of your family and possesses the raw material to become the kind of dog that you want it to be. The temperament from the Olympia dogs is really a credit to the breed. These dogs are not high strung or nervous. They are easily motivated by their owners but can also lie down and be quiet.

Trainability is arguably the most important quality that allows a dog to become part of a family and has always been the hallmark of the GSD.  It is also the quality which makes Katana stand out from the other shepherds we have owned. She was doing things at 6 months old that the others never really learned.

As such, the training that Olympia offers is something I would strongly encourage you and your family to take advantage of. Anes Dulas is their head trainer and he is awesome. I took Katana through a six week basic obedience package and it was well worth the time, effort and money. I am definitely going to take Katana through additional training as she matures. This training is really something that sets Olympia apart.

An Olympia GSD is bred for its intelligence and as such is going to need a lot of your attention. But the reward is a loyal, loving member of the family that will tire everyone out before it stops playing and then give its life for you in heartbeat. If you are looking for a dog that adds to your life and the life of your family, a GSD fits this description and you won't find one any better than at Olympia Kennels."

- Chris P.

"We just celebrated Cole’s first birthday on 12-29-17. It’s nearly impossible to describe how incredible we think he and everyone at Olympia Kennels are. After having to say good bye to our 14 year old German Shepherd last January we began our search for a reputable German Shepherd breeder. We found many breeders who were willing sell us a puppy but the quality of the breed was questionable. Then we learned of Olympia Kennels and met Gina and Mike. We knew instantly that this is where we wanted to get our new puppy. The thorough interview and screening process was a clear example of their commitment to their breed and to those of us that are fortunate enough to be able purchase one of their German Shepherds. Over the last several month this commitment has extended into Cole’s training sessions. The entire team at Olympia Kennels are kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the breed and are passionate about helping us all achieve the best from our companions. Essentially, Olympia Kennels became an intricate part of our family the day we brought Cole home." - Ken C. & Michael S. 

"Our experience with Olympia Kennels exceeded our expectations.  The entire staff was always welcoming and patient with us, and their wealth of knowledge helped us make an educated decision when searching for our puppy.  We were thrilled to find our Lilly through them!  She has a friendly disposition, is incredibly smart, playful, and yet very well behaved.  She loves other dogs and is exceptional with people, especially children.  Lilly has quickly become a loyal member of our family and we couldn't be happier with her or the experience with Olympia Kennels! "

- Marianne W.

"We are so thrilled that we went through the Olympia Kennels Team for our first family dog. We picked up our pup at 12 weeks old and he just turned 9 months old this week. Our boy, Kane, is such a wonderful dog, we love him to pieces and he immediately found a place in our family from day 1. Olympia provides great service and training. We certainly would suggest and recommend to contact Olympia if you have any thoughts on getting a GSD, they will let you know all you need to know so that you can might the right choice for you and your family."

-Chris B.

"Our experience with Olympia Kennels has been a blessing. Olympia Kennels is professional, thorough, knowledgeable and honest. We got both of our best friends from Olympia. We got our boy from litter 1 of Dagger and our girl from litter 3 of Dagger. It is apparent how amazing the bloodlines are of our dogs.  Since we live locally, had the opportunity to visit Olympia Kennels many times to visit our puppies before take home, for training, etc. and both their enthusiasm and knowledge for their shepherds is unmatched. Olympia Kennels is responsive, helpful and truly care about their pack. They care for the puppies they send to new homes even after they’re gone. They appreciate updates and always give thorough advice. While at Olympia Kennels, we’ve seen that the puppies are well-fed, well cared for and given lots of socialization, which is crucial before they go to their new homes. We’ve also witnessed many training lessons, in which we saw how thorough and patient the trainers are. To conclude, the temperament, drive and intelligence of our dogs is absolutely outstanding and we owe it all to Olympia and the effort they put in by breeding for the best.  We will be forever grateful to have met the staff at Olympia and wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. Thank you all for the continued support, and for giving us best friends for life. 
-Jaclyn & Jonathan M.
  (Carmine & Valera)"

"It was really nice seeing you and Michael again. I think you do such a wonderful job, you are true to your heart and amazing guardians to the breed. I sure do remember you telling my husband, Mark and I that Keeper was a special dog. The day we brought him home he was bonded. People would comment on how focused he would be on me at such a young age and not leave my side. I'd bring him to Windrush Farm Therapeutic where I've volunteered for 15 years.  (we use horses with physically and mentally disabled children, adults and have the Horses for Hero's with WWII vets to present).

You did an amazing job breeding him!!"


"We picked up our wonderful GSD from this Kennel in Mid July. She is a Dagger/Lilly pup "Gemma". She is such an amazing Puppy. She is now almost 4 months old, potty trained quickly, and we have taught her Sit, paw, and fetch. She is so intelligent. We will be following up with training at Olympia as well. The staff are very informative and truly show there true love for these dogs. I cant recommend this place enough!"

-Chris R.

"A great experience from start to finish with Olympia Kennels. Fritz is smart, family friendly and loving. A fantastic addition to our family."

-Charlie O.

"Just wanted to check in, Emma is turning 8 months this week. She has been such a great dog, she is incredibly smart and super playful. She loves people and other dogs, to the point she cannot control her excitement! Emma has become a part of our family and we could not be happier with her. Thank you for the great experience!


We have attached a couple of our most recent photos of her for you.


Andrew & Natasha C."

"If you are looking for a German Shepherd and or training, look no further . I have had two  awesome German shepherds from Olympia Kennel and I couldn't have asked for better dogs. My first dog was a half show half working line gsd and my second dog Was a son of the famous Ali.The owner Mike Pinksten is literally one the most knowledgeable and experienced German Shepherd breeders and trainers  in the country and equally important is a true professional and man of his word. I am sure that whatever service you are seeking at Olympia Kennels, you can feel 100% confident that you are getting the very highest in quality."

-Ryan H.

"We couldn't recommend Olympia kennels highly enough to anyone wanting a German Shepherd. They are extremely knowledgable after having been in the business for 40+ years, and the quality of the dogs they are breeding speaks for itself.

We recently purchased a 10 week old import puppy, and he is amazing. He has a beautiful temperament and has integrated perfectly into our family with 3 young children. It has been 20 years since our last shepherd and the team have helped guide us to find this little gem.

Thank you Olympia kennels"

-Kelly C.

"My husband and I chose Olympia Kennels for a reason and we could not be more in love with our Rangeley! She is incredibly intelligent and loyal.  At 6 months old, she walks confidently on a leash and stays calm even when more aggressive dogs notice her.  People and cars literally stop to look at her because she is so impressive.  She also has never chewed a single thing in the house.  Rangeley is truly an amazing dog--we are looking forward to more advanced training and maximizing her impressive lineage.  Can’t wait to get her a brother or sister!"

-Nicole B.


"Hi Mike, this is a follow-up email to thank you for making our visit to your kennels a very memorable experience.

What can we say, we are impressed beyond our imagination; Not only by your Schutzhund training demonstration but by also how welcome you made my family feel. We felt that we had known you for years. Within, the first five minutes of meeting you, it is obvious that you are in institution by itself with your exemplary knowledge and experience with the GSD breed. We can tell that this is more than a business for you. You take pride in your dogs and take quality very seriously. We really appreciate that.


We fell in love with all three dogs that we had interaction with that day; Dallas, Bara and Ruby - With my little girl a bit nervous at the sight of big dogs at first, all three dogs were so gentle that she did not feel nervous for a second and could not stop hugging them.  As for us, we can’t stop talking about how great your training was. The versatility of your training enables the dogs to be predictable and controllable. Moreover the years of careful selective breeding is evident in the well-conditioned temperament of the dogs. To top all of this, all three dogs were gorgeously beautiful!


As promised we are attaching the pictures from our visit. Please feel free to post this email and the pictures on your website.

For us, we cannot imagine getting a new member of our family from anyone else than you. As soon as we complete our relocation and move into our house, we are coming to you with a deposit to get a puppy from you. This may be the first of many :) and by the sounds of it the start of a long standing friendship with Olympia Kennels.


Thank you again Mike and Team."

 -Moe K.

"The first 2 GSDs we had were from different kennels. "Otto" from Olympia is our 3rd GSD; his demeanor, athleticism, intellegence and drive is far superior to the other GSDs we had in the past. Mike's experience and deep knowledge and total dedication to the breed is very apparent in the dogs that he produces. Everybody that we meet exclaims how beautiful and well behaved "Otto" is. Very highly recommended." 

-Rich S.

"Thank you Olympia Kennels. My name is Ben and I am a veteran of the United States Army with diagnosed PTSD and agoraphobia connected to my service. I have long had trouble in public situations especially around large groups of people. I had a service dog, Zeus, for four great years until he was taken from me in a car accident. I soon realized that my life was much more difficult and I would not be able to function in society without a service dog at my side. I looked diligently for a service dog as doctors had recommended I do. After applying to many organizations and with little to no help from the VA, I began accepting that I might not be able to find a replacement for my companion.


Olympia Kennels found out about my situation and, within two months, paired me with Jada. I worked with her for two more months before applying for her certification as my service dog.


Last night we attended Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox. I have been to Fenway twice before, but had to leave early both times because of my anxiety. This time was different. Jada performed incredibly. She stayed at my side the entire game. Her obedience was perfect and her ability to calm my nerves so I could enjoy the game amidst the thousands of people in attendance was nothing short of a miracle. I was able to stay for the whole game, and am still in awe of how comfortable I was in that situation.


I am so grateful for my new service dog. I can't thank Olympia Kennels enough for pairing me with such an amazing friend."

-Ben C.


"I have Luna, from the Dagger x Kona litter born 11/12/18. Luna is my second Olympia dog, and she is another gem. She has gorgeous conformation, pigment and movement, and best of all her temperament is sweet and happy. She is very smart and has been really easy to train. She draws lots of comments from strangers about what a nice Shepherd she is, and I sure agree! Thanks for breeding such quality, family-safe dogs."

- Kathleen L. 

"Hi everyone,
Just thought I’d pass on an update on Odin since it’s been a while. He just turned 9 months yesterday and the week before was 87lbs. He is very socialized loves other dogs and people but still barks loudly someone new comes to the house (good). After introducing him to the person he immediately calms down and wants to say hi so it’s perfect. I couldn’t imagine a better puppy!

Take care"
- Ed

Odin von Olympia

"Hi everyone at Olympia...

Hope you are all well... been meaning to provide you an update on Heidi.... let’s just say she’s the best dog we could ever ask for. Not to mention smart as hell... people compliment her all the time and always ask where we got her from. We always recommend Olympia kennels. Attached are a few fixtures from the fall."

-Tom St.A

"Hello Gina, Mike & Heather,


Ruger continues to thrive in her new home with us!  She has grown quite a bit, and I just took these Christmas Eve photos of her and wanted to pass them along to you.


Ruger is a true people-dog, and she loves being petted and played with.  When we walk her on our road she loves meeting the neighbors, and they instantly want to take her home with them.


Ruger is bringing a lot of happiness into our lives, and we thank you for breeding such a wonderful GSD."


- Don H.

ruger von olympia.jpg

"Hi Heather and Gina,


Willow Raisin is amazing!! We love her so much already. She had a great first day and seemed to settle in so fast it was like she has always been here. She played hard and took a nice long nap. We have had only one accident so far. She’s very smart, affectionate and confident. The girls love her too although they are still getting used to the playfulness if a puppy. She is already doing really well with “sit” and “look”. She is curious about the cat but gives her her space and loves our dog Doc. She wasn’t a huge fan of the crate but settled quickly. We are absolutely in love!! Here are a couple of pictures. 



Krissy T. and family




Hannah has been with us almost 3 years now, before we met her Gina described her as a “Love Bug” and she has been exactly that!


She likes everyone she meets, tail at wagging full speed and her back end wiggling with excitement.


Really “filled in” the last year, 76 LBS at her vet check last month.


She’s well behaved and you can take her anywhere with no issues.


We are so happy we found you and were able to add Hannah to our family."


Len K.

gsd 2.jpg
008 (002).jpg

"Hello we just thought we’d share a picture of our boy Dagger (Junior) he’s growing big and strong.  He’s very healthy and such a good dog a great part of our family.  We’re off to Vermont for the week with him and our son.  Dagger never leaves our side and our son is very attached to him.  Thanks again"  
James L.