Pack Walk


This is a great opportunity to work on your skills, get a tune up, receive extra guidance and have question and answer time with a trainer. Behavior modification graduates are especially encouraged to come! Chatting with other clients, sharing your dogs story, and meeting new people that are as dedicated to their dogs well being as yourself is always a highlight for everyone. It is a structured walk, starting out with some group obedience to warm up and get everyone on the same page, and then controlled mingling and calm socializing throughout the walk. We typically meet at Wason Pond in Chester NH, just down the road from the kennel.

Usually the first Sunday of each month at 11:00 am, email first to register. Dogs are eligible to participate upon completion of an Olympia Kennels program.

Dog Fitness Class

How about including your best friend, for both fun and fitness? Olympia is proud to annouce that we will be offering a variety of exercise classes and canine outings for you and your pal in 2019! We think that every dog should have is day... and so should you! Schedule of events will be posted soon!


We have had many people apprentice at Olympia Kennels over the years. These people learn how to train a dog but they are not trainers for Olympia Kennels or associated with Olympia Kennels. If you would like your dog to be trained by Olympia Kennels, you will need to come to our Chester Facility. 

We do not offer public boarding. Existing training clients, or von Olympia GSDs are always welcome to board contingent on our availability to accommodate. 


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