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Do you have a fantastic dog, with perhaps one sticky behavior problem you can't seem to fix? Does time constraints prohibit you from coming in to train in person? Not want to part with your buddy for a long  board and train? Now you can get the same guidance and education without the commute! We have tremendous success guiding clients towards dramatic results with our phone consultations. Use the button below to purchase a 30 minute consultation for $45, and a trainer will email to schedule your conversation. All behavior issues are covered, and we will work with you to develop your own goal orientated training plan for you to follow through on in the comfort of your own home. You are encouraged to provide information in your initial email so that the trainer has the background context needed to make the most of your time together on the phone. This service has allowed us to help dogs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Delaware, Alaska, Oregon, and more!




"We got our pup Mischa from Olympia in October, and have been taking her to obedience classes ever since. She is a wonderful, sweet and very smart girl! When she was 8 months old, she began overreacting when encountering certain dogs or people. She would stand up, bark, and act very intimidating, and all previous methods of correction/distraction seemed to escalate her behavior. In our phone consultation, Heather explained why Mischa was reacting as she was. She then very clearly described how to effectively use a leash correction in a way that would not escalate behavior. It only took 3-4 corrections over the course of 2 days, and the behavior ended. I will most certainly use this long-distance training option again! From the start of our adventure with Mischa, everyone at Olympia has helped this to be an experience better than we could have imagined – from helping us to pick the right puppy, to answering random questions we had after bringing her home, to problems with training. They are truly devoted professionals par excellence and have our highest recommendation!!"

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