The Facts About Board and Train

Many people are apprehensive about leaving their dog at a kennel to be trained. They have heard stories about abuse and neglect, so many trainers advise against it. While it may be true that there have been isolated incidents where dogs were not treated properly at a particular kennel, or the trainer was too hard on a dog, the reality is training the dog at a reputable establishment such as Olympia Kennels is very beneficial. Young dogs can suffer from separation anxiety the first time they are boarded when their owners go on vacation, so having the dog trained while they're away gives them the confidence and independence they need to maintain themselves when something unexpected comes up. The dog will fare well, instead of being stressed during their owners’ absence.

Many trainers with ten years experience or less will recommend against in-kennel programs. They have limited experience themselves, and buy into the theory that the person has to train the dog with their trainer or else he/she won't listen properly. They haven’t been around long enough to know that for many years this has been a common and very successful method. Hunting dogs are traditionally trained this way, so the owner, who has limited free time to run around in the woods with his dog, can enjoy hunting when they do have free time. The dog stays at the hunting dog kennel for many weeks to learn the skills he needs to give his owner the thrill of the sport. I'm sure these facilities provide excellent care; otherwise they would not be in business for so many years, which, of course, they have been.