My Way

I've spent my life owning and training dogs. I consider myself a student of dogs. The real masters of dog training and canine behavior are the dogs themselves. No matter what someone says or what theory of training you may hear about, if the dog does not respond well to it then it is not the right way. In the last thirty years, having had over one hundred litters as a breeder, I have been able to observe some things about puppies. They are very interested in food! They get nourishment from their mothers; in some ways, food is the first bond a pup has with another creature. It is only natural and wise to use food in puppy training. At sixteen weeks of age, my German Shepherd pups can heel off lead with right, right about, left, and left u turns, as well as change pace without ever having had a lead and collar on them for obedience. In addition, they sit fast when I come to a halt, and go from a sit to a down super fast! And best of all, they love to come when they are called, because they always get something delicious to eat! Then comes the ball which they love to chase. I always use two, so when my dog picks up the first one, I tease him to come back for the second. Before you know it, they run back and forth, dropping one so you can throw the other for them. Young