The Best Method of Training

In the beginning, would be trainers observed dogs in a pack. They recognized there was an Alpha dog that controlled the others by his behavior. He would stare, growl, nip, and bite, whatever it took to get them to do what he wanted. The mother dog with her young physically communicates to them what she wants. She prepares them for the world they live in, the physical world, the canine world. Dogs communicate with each other by physical means, jumping, nipping, and biting. etc., whether they are playing, or vying for rank in the pack. They do not have long conversations, ask a favor, pray for divine intervention, and hope for a better future. They live in the now, not in the past, or the future. If we are to be successful with our dogs, we must learn to communicate with them in a way they can understand: the canine way. With dogs, for every action there is a consequence. If you watch your dogs playing together, you can easily see how they go at each other. If there is one ball and two dogs, one of them is going to dominate the other for it. There is no equality in dogdom. One is dominant, and the other is subordinate. This is the natural way of dogs. Who are we to argue with Mother Nature? Only by understanding them can we achieve success with our dogs, because they certainly cannot understand the way of humans. Dogs know they are dogs, and do not think they are human, but people often times think their dogs are human. Successful communication with our canine friends is achieved through consequence methods of training. For every action from our dog, there is a reaction from us. If the dog is doing it right, we praise them. If they are wrong, we correct them. This is the basis of consequence training. A dog does not know about the dangers of cars, he must be restrained with a lead and collar when out on the street, or he could get hit. This is common sense. So is correcting him for pulling on the leash, jumping on people or furniture, stealing food off the table, running out an open door, etc. Owners have a responsibility to keep their dog safe, so consequence training is the natural way dogs learn. They've been learning this way for thousands of years. Doesn't it make sense to observe and respect the laws of nature? You must have heard about positive only methods of training, where you ignore the dog’s bad behavior, and praise the good, so that he wants to do the right thing! That's like the President coming on the news and announcing to all law enforcement agencies that no one is to be arrested for committing a crime. And if criminals do a good deed, they are to be praised. In this way they will see it is better to be nice. Within hours the country would be in chaos! Have you ever observed a pack of do