Home & Personal Protection

So, you want a dog to protect your life, family and loved ones? There is no place with the training credentials or experience of Olympia Kennels and here's why...

For over four decades, Mike has had international experience providing dogs within the private sector, the military, our government and law enforcement agencies alike. These include accolades from the likes of the French Army Canine Corps (who then shipped overseas to quell riots and rebellion in different countries throughout the African continent), high-ranking government officials in South America, and the United Arab Emirates. Domestic endeavors include the United States Federal Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (an institution famous for housing notorious criminals such as Al Capone the gangster, Henry Hill of Goodfellas fame, and Jimmy Hoffa throughout history), and municipal police departments up and down the East Coast from Boston to Louisiana, over to California and back up to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mike was one of the few Americans who went behind the Iron Curtain in the early '80s as a broker for the United States Government, during which time his travels included East Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary. He evaluated, tested, and selected German Shepherd Dogs for State and Federal penal institutions. He has also provided and trained dogs for private security firms who then contract out their services.