Training testimonials


I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your work with Ranger!  He went from a dog I didn't trust around strangers to one that we can take anywhere!  Last week we took him swimming at the boat launch and discovered that he loves the water.  We went camping this weekend and he was fantastic!  Off leash most of the time, playing in the mud, met lots of people, including kids!  You guys, especially Mikey, changed his life and helped him become the dog we'd hoped he could be!  Even my husband, who was skeptical, is amazed by the progress Ranger has made.  Thanks to you, we can happily say Ranger has his forever home!!

-Michelle K.

  July 2021

I can’t say thank you enough to Olympia Kennels. Achilles is a whole new boy after attending the board and train program. Mike you are the best of the best with your knowledge patience and just complete quality of training for the dogs and owners personally. I 100% can’t express how much I appreciate you and your crew, especially Mikey for helping genuinely not only train myself but my best friend become the best of his ability for myself and my family’s sake !​

-Brianna D.


"We sent Max for a 2 week board and train to Olympia kennels the and we were thrilled with his progress. They really love the dogs and it shows, Heather in particular is incredibly helpful and eased our concerns for how our Max would be treated. We are looking into more advanced training soon!!"

Antonios B.

Separation anxiety... from manic when the owner tries to leave, to calm sit stays while owner leaves!

"I could not say enough about my experiences with Olympia Kennels! Mike and Heather are incredible, comforting and very, very helpful. I sent both of my pitbull to them and I will never regret it. They then taught me the skills to manage and handle my girls at home and in public. There is no more confusion on who is alpha in our home; and because of the tools Olympia kennel have to me, I can teach my dogs further on my own. If you think your dog needs help or training, CALL OLYMPIA!"

Alexis F.

"Hi Heather and Mike!

This is Megan, Kira’s owner. My mom and I can’t thank you enough for everything you guys have done to help with Kira’s training. She has so much more confidence when we take her for walks; we have been trying to expose her to more dogs, different locations for walking, and bringing her to more slightly crowded areas with dogs and people. The biggest change we’ve seen within the past month or so is her improvement with leash reactivity.

We were never able to walk Kira without her lunging and barking at dogs passing by prior to your training. Now, Kira is able to walk by confidently and ignore the dogs barking and lunging at her. We ran into an aggressive pit bull this past Saturday who came at Kira out of nowhere as we were leaving a pet store. The dog was on a body harness with a long leash and almost bit Kira but I managed to keep her close beside me. We kept walking and what surprised my mom and I the most, is that she didn’t lunge or bark back at the pit bull despite how aggressive and how close he got to her. It was so surprising to see her completely ignore him but something like that would never have been possible without the training she received at Olympia. 

Thank you again for everything! I just wanted to give you guys a brief update on Kira :) 

Hope you guys are doing well."

-Meghan C.

"I just wanted to let you know how great Koda is doing.  We were able to take him for walks at the campground and there were many distractions, Including other dogs!!!

He even came to two of our daughters soccer games , ( he did want to play though but was able to restrain  His behavior has been exemplary ,  you and your staff  did a GREAT job!!"

-Janeen S.

"Sent my  6 month old pup here for 2 weeks of boarding school.  Probably the best $$ I've spent on anything in years.  She was returned to me with increased confidence, more maturity, and much more consistent obedience.  In particular, Mike Dzuria (her obedience trainer)  was patient with me as he taught me how to work with her.  I found the entire staff to be caring and enthusiastic and they all seemed to enjoy the work they do.  Grounds and kennels are beautiful and clean.  HIGHLY recommend."

-Allison G.

"Olympia works miracles! My pup was very anxious and fearful before attending the boarding school. Now she is so confident and comfortable in different settings and with many people"

-Kim W.

"We wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did with Quinby. It is amazing to walk him and so rewarding to work wih him. I did not think I could fall more in love with him but I think I am!" -Ken P.

“My family and I just picked up our 7 month old German shepherd Max and were all blown away. In just two weeks what a transformation. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The board and train is well worth every penny."

-Amy K.


Thank you. I am celebrating this morning this little pup who seemed to have so much angst just 2 weeks ago. She is in control of herself, calm, willing and adjusting to life back at home beautifully.


I also want to thank you for your patience with me yesterday. Truly, you have a gift. It is one thing to be able to train a puppy when you love that work, another to train an owner who is uncoordinated and slow at processing a multi- step direction. You not once showed any frustration with me and I can’t tell you enough how important that is for some people!


When I dropped Rue off I had one goal in mind- I wanted this to be a step forward in making her a dog that I will mourn when she passes in old age. I want to love her like my aunt who 6 months after her 13 year old Cocker died still gets teary, or like a client of mine who 6 years after the death of his Wheaton gets choked up talking about him. I want to love her and make her part of our home. I wasn’t sure I could do that then, but this morning I think I am headed there and I can see the possibility. You may not think that what you do is such a big deal but it is- it is the difference between love and disdain, hope and dismay, and a peaceful or chaotic home. For this and to you I will be forever grateful." 

Boy's Story

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"Godric is loving life back in his mountain home since we are skiing this weekend. His reunion with our 8 year old was very sweet, he missed her - but didn’t want to knock her over. Yesterday on the planes he was more relaxed than before, and that’s saying something! He seems to be more confident and not needing to pay attention to others as much as before. His drive for playing ball this morning was incredible! We played for over an hour before he was getting tired, he ignored the other people and dogs to just continue to play with me. The commands to lay down and stay are wonderful while at home with him so I can do homework. I walked him on his leash and passed other dogs, he didn’t bark once - he went grocery shopping too without trying to chew or sniff anything, just stayed in the heel. Thank you!!!!!!!" -Ben S.

Sadie's Story

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"We bought a GSD puppy from Olympia in December 2013, Remy Von Olympia. He is a great tempered GSD. He was well socialized and taken care of by Mike and Gina and their entire staff. Remy also went for a 3 week board and train to learn the puppy foundations. He sits, stays, down, and heels great. We have also used Olympia Kennel's for boarding Remy, and our other GSD, Izzy, when we go on vacation or are traveling for work. They take very good care of the dogs. They have a very clean and professional operation. They do group classes, which I have not had a chance to attend, but I am sure they do fabulous work. I even drive all the way from Chocorua (Conway Area), NH to board with them, and they are certainly worth the drive! I would recommend Olympia Kennels for anyone looking to purchase a GSD, train your dog, or just board them for a night or entire week."

-Mercedes H.

Max and Min's Story

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"Hey Mike 
Just wanted to let you know that i couldn't  be happier with heather.. she is so good explaining everything it was easy for me to pick it up. Also getting my kids involved teaching them the correct ways to handle Rossi. We have worked threw so many of my concerns I feel like I have def got my money's worth! My neighbors and family  are noticing that she is different.. She knows her place in our family thank you so much! 
Tanya & Ali"

"Thank you guys so much for everything you have done for my pup!!! I can't believe the difference in him. We have been working him a few times a day and he just keeps getting better. So excited to see where we can take him!"

-Amanda R.

"Mike& Heather.......I can't even begin to say "thank you" enough for the awesome job you have done with my German Shepard Sadie....she came back after just 2 weeks being with you guys and she is such a different pup! Her confidence, her demeanor, everything about her has changed for the better. People coming to the house this week has noticed what a difference in her as well. I'm  so pleased with the great work you have done on her and look forward to continuing the training.

Can't say thank you enough!! You guys are the best by far!

TAMMY (&Sadie too)"

"My big, powerful 3 year old boy Harry was becoming overly protective of me. On leash he was propelling himself at other dogs and progressed to humans. Did I mention he is powerful, yes. It was a scary situation. When I met with Mike and Heather I started to tell them my story and they finished it for me. They knew my dog. Heather worked with Harry and I, she is an amazing trainer. She completely understands the dog and explains herself to the handler expertly. Harry and I go into Petsmart now and people just watch him and think he is amazingly well behaved. He is! We will be testing for cgc in the near future. Harry and I look forward to continuing training with Heather." 

-Judy G. 


                                      - a few months later-

​"Hey Heather, I would like to give you another update on Harry's progress. I have not done any obedience with him for quite a while due to job and life schedules so I was a bit concerned about what his reaction would be entering a class. I went into the room first without him and there was just one other student with a very large Akita dog. I told them that Harry might be Barky when we first come in. I was told the Akita was very well trained and under control. Heather I am pleased to tell you that because of your training with him Harry was the one under control and the Akita was barking lunging and growling LOL. He was constantly in a Down throughout the entire class. He didn't pay hardly a bit of mind about that Akita dog who was constantly trying to stare Harry down. It was an amazing feeling knowing that Harry could handle such a situation. I am looking forward to anything you have coming up for classes, keep me informed."

-Judy G.

"I had my husky trained through the hourly 1 on 1 classes. She was extremely responsive to the training and we solved our issues with pulling, staying, and recall. we did do our HW and work with her outside of class but the results have stayed with her even after the training. I plan on getting a shepherd in a year or two and will definitely consider one of the puppies or maybe even a slightly older trained dog which they offer."

-Adam L.

"Thank you Olympia Kennels. My name is Ben and I am a veteran of the United States Army with diagnosed PTSD and agoraphobia connected to my service. I have long had trouble in public situations especially around large groups of people. I had a service dog, Zeus, for four great years until he was taken from me in a car accident. I soon realized that my life was much more difficult and I would not be able to function in society without a service dog at my side. I looked diligently for a service dog as doctors had recommended I do. After applying to many organizations and with little to no help from the VA, I began accepting that I might not be able to find a replacement for my companion.


Olympia Kennels found out about my situation and, within two months, paired me with Jada. I worked with her for two more months before applying for her certification as my service dog.


Last night we attended Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox. I have been to Fenway twice before, but had to leave early both times because of my anxiety. This time was different. Jada performed incredibly. She stayed at my side the entire game. Her obedience was perfect and her ability to calm my nerves so I could enjoy the game amidst the thousands of people in attendance was nothing short of a miracle. I was able to stay for the whole game, and am still in awe of how comfortable I was in that situation.


I am so grateful for my new service dog. I can't thank Olympia Kennels enough for pairing me with such an amazing friend."

-Ben C.



I just posted an update on Odin on a site I have and realized it’s been a bit since I’ve seen you guys so I thought I’d share it.


“He hit 6 months and now weighs 69lbs. Training is going well, he still has puppy brain which is to be expected lol. I have noticed he is becoming more focused and the periods between distractions are increasing. Commands he knows are sit, down, stay, heel (will come to my left side and sit), come, touch, get it & fetch, raus (German for out used for release/drop object from mouth) and of course crate which he runs too and sits in on command. He also has ‘ok’ as his release word from commands, example is I come to a door and command sit, he has to stay sitting even if I open the door and only on ok can he go through. At his age of course they aren’t always perfect but that’s what time and repetition are for. He walks in heel and only pulls when he knows we are going to the dog park 🤪. I can bring him in stores and he ignores people and stays in heel. Socially still finding his place but he’s not aggressive towards other dogs and loves to play with them plus zero object possessiveness issues he realizes it’s more fun to share an object than hord it. At times I’m shocked at his intelligence and have started some testing with problem solving with toys. Onto the good stuff he barks when people come near the house and has started to sound great! That being said he isn’t aggressive when we invite people in and is calm after introducing them. I feel if someone came in and he felt tension from else all bets would be off.”


Working on place (sitting between legs) but it’s my fault he’s not there on it simply because of not enough reps. He is awesome, thank you!




"Before Olympia Kennel, Brady was extremely insecure, anxious, unfocused, needy and did not have the mindset to listen to us. Now Brady is confident, doesn’t nag us, listens to us and is very happy in his own skin. Brady was only 9months old and we are incredibly happy and impressed how Brady has grown and matured all thanks to Olympia Kennels. After meeting Mike for the first time we had no second guessing or an uneasy feeling that he couldn’t help Brady. Our biggest fear was not getting Brady back as the same happy puppy, but proved very wrong, Brady came home with the exact same personality and happier. He wanted to play with other dogs and still very friendly to people. Thank you!!"

Alicia A.