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About Us


“People have the opinions, but the dogs have the facts.”  Learn from our dogs, and use the natural method of training.

            MIKE PINKSTEN
Owner - Training Director


Mike Pinksten, the proprietor and Training Director of Olympia Kennels, has been solving the training needs of pet owners and dog sport competitors for over 40 years. 

With over twenty-five thousand dogs trained, Mike’s experience is second to none. Among his students is everyone from first-time puppy parents to the owners of adult dogs deemed “untrainable” by others. Mike is also an excellent teacher of humans, and can help even the most frustrated or confused dog owner to gain understanding of the training process in a meaningful way. Because Mike has spent years working with such a great number of dogs, rare or “difficult” breeds are neither rare nor difficult to him! 


In the sport of Schutzhund, Mike is internationally recognized and has successfully competed with his dogs in Europe and North America. His extensive travel has enabled him to work with many of the world's toptrainers, and breeders. 

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde) has awarded Mike their highest rating: Certified Schutzhund Teaching Decoy. He has been certified four times by four different German LEHR helpers and has traveled to Germany eighteen times to participate in trials and training activities with some of the world’s best Schutzhund trainers and instructors.

We would like to thank Boston Voyager Magazine for giving us the opportunity to be featured in their publication! Click below to learn more about Mike Pinksten and Olympia Kennels! 

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            ANES DULAS
Business Manager


Anes began his apprenticeship under Mike Pinksten in 2007 and has since become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. He has worked one on one with Mike training hundreds of dogs in obedience and behavior modification with emphasis placed on solving problems with family dogs. Anes also has a great deal of experience working with personal protection dogs and dogs competing in the sport of Schutzhund. He has helped prepare many top Schutzhund competitors for the obedience and protection phases. In 2009, Anes became one of the youngest helpers certified as a protection decoy with the United States Schutzund Clubs of America. Anes also received high praise from the USCA Director of the Helper Committee in his second certification in Albany, NY. We are very proud to have him as part of our team!

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2018 USCA Working Dog Championship Ohio IPO3 - Highest Scoring 1st Time Handler

2016 Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club Trial - BH

1997 OG Boston High in Trial

1997 OG Boston High Protection

1997 OG Wesconn High in Trial

1997 New England Regional Championship High Schutzhund II Protection

1993 OG Boston High Schutzhund III

1991 OG Boston High Schutzund I

1990 Green Mountain Schutzhund Club Schutzhund III - High in Obedience & Protection

1990 New England Regional Competition

1989 Ocean State Schutzhund Association High in Trial

1986 Quebec Championship (3rd place) Schutzhund

1986 Regional Champion Boss V. Loherland

1986 New England Regional Champ Schutzhund III Champion - High in Protection

1986 OG Boston High Schutzhund I

1985 USA Nationals Boss V. Loherland 

1985 OG Weende High in Trial (Gotteingen, Germany)

1984 OG Quahog High Protection

1984 New England Regional Championship 3rd place Schutzhund III 

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