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For more information on any of our trained young adults or puppies please call or e-mail us 

Don't see quite what you're looking for below? Tell us about your ideal dog and we will be happy to help you find your perfect German Shepherd Import!


Meet Sully! Sully is a large 13-month-old imported male coming from exceptional bloodlines with certified hips and elbows. Sully has a temperament second to none, loves everyone he meets, and is great with children as well as other pets. Sully would mold well into any family situation, and that special family would be lucky enough to have such a wonderful dog to enjoy.

Sully is currently excelling through our advanced obedience and family protection programs. He will be ready for his new home around April 1st. The remainder of Sully’s training can be tailored to best suit his potential family’s needs.

Serious inquires only. For more information and details, please call Anes at 603-303-3632 or Mike at the office at 603-887-2391




Stryker is a 20 month old male European import coming from some of the best of West German bloodlines and is certified against hip and elbow dysplasia. Stryker is very kind and gentle in nature. He would make an excellent addition to any family as he adores children, other dogs, and animals in general. Stryker possesses all the qualities that a well bred German Shepherd should. He is highly trainable, willing to please, and a pleasure to be around. As a bonus, his robust appearance, and rich pigmentation, surely stop people dead in their tracks!

Stryker is currently in training with Anes Dulas, our master trainer, and is nearing completion in advanced, off-leash, obedience and protection work.

Serious inquiries are to contact Mike Pinksten

at 603-887-2391 or via e-mail at





Esco is a stellar example of what a true German Shepherd should be. He is a confident one-year-old strong boned masculine male, bred to the German Standard for health, athleticism, and longevity. He has an extremely powerful head with thick bone substance, and superb conformation- A look that is sure to stop people on the street dead in their tracks, as we have already experienced. Esco comes from some of the most prestigious bloodlines in West Germany including 2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SchH3 IPO3, 2x VA1 Vegas du Haut Mansard SchH3, and is grand-sired by VA2 Asap vom Aldamar IPO3. 

Esco is continuing his estate-level off-leash obedience and protection training by our very own Anes Dulas. Anes states that, "Over the past month, I have found no areas of concern whatsoever with this outstanding dog. He carries himself confidently in all situations, and has become an A+ student who looks forward to training every day. I know that he will seamlessly mold into any family environment as he loves his people, children, and even other dogs or cats are not an issue for Esco. Esco will happily lay down and relax in the house or by the pool, but will also quickly go on full alert assessing any uncertain situation at hand. To me, he is everything a well bred German Shepherd should be. Someone will certainly get the most loyal dog of their dreams in Esco, I am sure of that." 


Esco will continue to advance his training with Anes, and his new family will be awarded an elite, private training package to accompany Esco on a seamless transition into their lives. 





Rip is a stunning, large boned, extremely well-pigmented bi-color male with a superb temperament to match. He has a sweet personality and craves attention from his people. Rip is social with other dogs, cats, and children and is currently being trained by our very own Master Trainer, Anes Dulas. He began training at 8 weeks old and will be ready for his new family and adventures in the coming weeks. He is currently 14 weeks old, crate trained, has basic on-leash obedience training (heel, sit, down, stay, come), as well as general manners such as, no biting, no jumping, and so on.  Anes cannot say enough good about this puppy as an all around excellent representation of what a German Shepherd should be. Rip has endless potential for sport training, tracking, personal protection, or as a well mannered active family companion. His pedigree speaks for itself and his conformation and willingness to please is second to none! 


Some examples of our previously available dogs who have gone home.

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