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The German Shepherd Dog, or GSD, is the only breed consistently used for many jobs throughout the world, such as herding and farm work, protection for law enforcement, guide dogs for the blind, and most importantly, FAMILY COMPANIONS. They have the ability to multi-task, and excel without compromise.

Mike Pinksten trained his first GSD in 1970, beginning a life-long endeavor to both reproduce AND train the breed he fell in love with. Over four decades have passed, Mike gaining years of experience few people in the world have acquired in the field.  He has traveled to Germany almost twenty times to train with the legends, the masters, of the German Shepherd world. He has won international recognition both in personal competition and with his acuity choosing and training dogs for others.

Olympia Kennels Breeding Program is based on Mike’s years of experience evaluating various bloodlines for temperament, TRAINABILITY, and of course, presentation. Who doesn’t want a good-looking dog? If the time has come to add a canine member to the family, why not pay us a visit, and see why Mike Pinksten of Olympia Kennels, has been recognized as THE expert for so many years - a legend in the industry.

Getting a Puppy from Olympia:

  • All Olympia pups are raised with their moms in a family home environment to develop a happy and trusting human experience.

  • Litters born here are given extraordinary care up until 8 weeks when they are ready to go to their new homes, including superior age specific diet, regular exercise on our 15 acre farm once old enough, regular interaction by experienced handlers, and scheduled de-worming/anti-parasitic medication.

  • Litters born in Europe with our breeding partners are specifically chosen from only top European bloodlines, and are ready to travel home at 12 weeks of age. Like all Olympia pups they have regular interaction and care from experienced handlers and receive their scheduled de-worming/anti-parasitc medication as well as microchipping. There are advantages to an imported puppy, as they have already begun their crate training/ housebreaking, as well as puppy starter obedience training!

  • Upon pick up, an Olympia staff member will schedule an hour appointment to go over the pup’s take home folder, and answer all questions for an easy transition from our home to yours.  The folder includes the puppy’s health certificate and vaccine record, AKC paperwork, instructions for registering the microchip we have given, and other pertinent information regarding diet and medical care.

  • Life-long interaction with clients to answer questions or book training throughout the pups’ learning career. We offer many training packages for our Olympia pups and look forward to remaining an active participant in their well being


Iron vom Eichenplatz.png

Iron vom Eichenplatz


Unit vom Merkur-Stern


Willa vom Naisshof.png

Willa vom Naisshof

Diva von Olympia.png

Diva von Olympia

Leia von Olympia.png

Leia von Olympia

Female Photo Placeholder.png

Isabella von Olympia

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