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See what our clients have to say about Olympia's German Shepherd Dogs or our All Breed Dog Training Center!

Breeding Testimonials
Maya and Parker.png

I met Gina and Mike of Olympia Kennels after an internet search for German Shepard puppies. As a long-time owner of many German Shepherd dogs, my family made the decision to get 2 puppies. First and foremost, Mike called us back within a short period of time and was very informative, welcoming, and nice.  He spoke of his kennel, his staff, and services and helped us choose two wonderful import puppies. We received the dogs after numerous flight cancelations due to the pandemic. However, Mike kept us informed and was most empathic. Our puppies, Maya and Parker arrived at 14 weeks old and have become a wonderful part of our family. They stormed into our lives and stole our hearts. Thank you Olympia Kennels for outstanding services and joy.
With much appreciation,

Lisa Kellerman and family


Our Remington Flint “Remy” is fourteen months old now; a son of Bara and Tayra.  That was Tayra’s first litter and she had twelve beautiful babies — six boys and six girls.

We have had many GS’s over years and just a short time before Tayra was determined to be pregnant, we had to make the very difficult decision to put our then nine year old GS to sleep.  We had taken him for training with Mike several years earlier so as Chester residents we were very familiar with Olympia Kennels.  So it was time to once again fill our home with a baby GS.  We knew Olympia Kennels had a very high reputation of breeding the best black and red GS’s and we have been more than happy with Remy.  He has a great personality, is extremely intelligent and is a real head-turner.  Thanks to Mike and Gina, our home is whole once again.  Without any doubt, we would recommend Olympia Kennels for their breeding and training programs.  Anyone who is a serious GS lover need look no further than to Mike and Gina at Olympia Kennels in Chester NH.


We have had Rangeley for just over a year and couldn’t be more in love with her!  She is my running buddy every morning and is always ready for a hiking adventure or a road trip to Maine.  Not only is she so physically impressive that cars and people stop to ask about her, but her personality is amazing—goofy, loving, and so smart.  We knew about Olympia Kennel’s impressive reputation but Rangeley is more amazing than we could have imagined.   Not to mention the assistance with training along the way!  We have already committed to adding another from a coming litter to our family this summer!  We can’t wait to see Rangeley and her brother play and grow together.  Thank you to everyone at Olympia!
-Nicole B.


Jackie and I want to thank all of you at Olympia Kennels for providing us with the most amazing dogs, ever! To say we are happy with the dogs, and the subsequent training, would be a gross understatement.  


You guys found the greatest dogs for us. Our 10 month old boy, Kili, is the perfect blend of sweet, calm and gentle, and "I'll rip your arm off if you hurt my people".  He is gorgeous, smart, and level headed.  Happy to play a bit, exercise, then chill with us.  Because of his beautiful temperament, he will serve dual roles as a therapy dog in schools, and personal protection dog in our house and on the trails. 


I am still astounded by the quality of the training provided during his two months of board and train.  Anes is such a skilled and caring trainer.  He spent hours with us, training us, answering an endless stream of questions, and bringing out the best in our boy.  


Although we planned to wait a year to get a second dog, we just fell in love with one of your newest imports.  This 11 week old pup is calm, sweet, and ridiculously smart. He, like Kili, is a head turner.


-Jackie & Liz

Lhasa and Hagrid.png

We're all well, as are both of our fantastic Olympia GSDs: Lhasa, almost 4, and Hagrid, 9. We are SO grateful every day for their companionship and (though we're totally biased) we think they're the best dogs in the world! 


They are both energetic and happy and they glue us altogether. Lhasa loves to run circles around Hagrid (who has slowed down a bit in his middle age) and she goads him into chasing and roughhousing in the back yard. Both dogs have maintained their beautiful temperament and balance. They are always gentle with people (especially children) and they always keep a keen eye on the house. Like Mike said about training and obedience, you put in two years of hard work and patience up front, you'll get 10 years (we'll hope for that and more) of reward.


I have attached a closeup of Lhasa and some snapshots of both dogs here. After 25 years in New England, we moved to central New Jersey take faculty positions at Rutgers University. It's been a big adjustment for all of us and the kids, but a good adventure so far. We've found some trails and farms for walking with the dogs. Of course, we come back to NH when we can to see friends and hike.


I wanted to write you to thank you for everything…going back to when I came to you looking for a puppy and after meeting me you recommended Cesar…a 15 month old adolescent import who needed a home…and little did I know I needed him. It was a perfect match. We clicked and were the best of friends..truly a man and his dog. Cesar helped me though some difficult times in my life…some real changes..and he was there with me always ready to be a lift my spirits when they were down. It was heartbreaking when I lost him. I had just gotten back on track and was looking forward to the future with him. He will always hold a special place in my heart. After a year and a half…it was time and I came to you again looking to fulfill a void and as life would have it there was a litter coming from Dagger and Ruby…I staked my claim on a male and as luck would have it there was only one…Ruckus..i had thought to name him something grand and manly. Thor or Zeus…something like that but once I met him at 6weeks in the puppy room with him running around and knocking stuff over, Ruckus it was. I opted to have him stay for puppy training and came a couple of times a week to visit and play with him while he was there, our bond growing with every visit. It was a again a perfect fit. Ruckus has been through the puppy class, standard and intermediate obedience and has recently complete the advanced obedience class. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Ruckus on personal protection training and watching him really blossom into a wonderful example of what the true German Shepherd breed is. Working with you all at Olympia has been more than just a breeder/owner experience…I truly feel as though I have gained a friendship with all of you..and look forward to the years ahead.

-Brad W.


We just celebrated Cole’s first birthday on 12-29. It’s nearly impossible to describe how incredible we think he and everyone at Olympia Kennels are. After having to say good bye to our 14 year old German Shepherd last January we began our search for a reputable German Shepherd breeder. We found many breeders who were willing sell us a puppy but the quality of the breed was questionable. Then we learned of Olympia Kennels and met Gina and Mike. We knew instantly that this is where we wanted to get our new puppy. The thorough interview and screening process was a clear example of their commitment to their breed and to those of us that are fortunate enough to be able purchase one of their German Shepherds. Over the last several month this commitment has extended into Cole’s training sessions. The entire team at Olympia Kennels are kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable about the breed and are passionate about helping us all achieve the best from our companions. Essentially, Olympia Kennels became an intricate part of our family the day we brought Cole home.

- Ken C. & Michael S. 


Our experience with Olympia Kennels exceeded our expectations.  The entire staff was always welcoming and patient with us, and their wealth of knowledge helped us make an educated decision when searching for our puppy.  We were thrilled to find our Lilly through them!  She has a friendly disposition, is incredibly smart, playful, and yet very well behaved.  She loves other dogs and is exceptional with people, especially children.  Lilly has quickly become a loyal member of our family and we couldn't be happier with her or the experience with Olympia Kennels! 

- Marianne W.

schutzhund Dumbbell.png

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your work with Ranger!  He went from a dog I didn't trust around strangers to one that we can take anywhere!  Last week we took him swimming at the boat launch and discovered that he loves the water.  We went camping this weekend and he was fantastic!  Off leash most of the time, playing in the mud, met lots of people, including kids!  You guys, especially Mikey, changed his life and helped him become the dog we'd hoped he could be!  Even my husband, who was skeptical, is amazed by the progress Ranger has made.  Thanks to you, we can happily say Ranger has his forever home!!

-Michelle K.

Training Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know how great Koda is doing.  We were able to take him for walks at the campground and there were many distractions, Including other dogs!!!

He even came to two of our daughters soccer games, (he did want to play though but was able to restrain His behavior has been exemplary,  you and your staff  did a GREAT job!!

-Janeen S.

Sent my 6 month old pup here for 2 weeks of boarding school.  Probably the best $$ I've spent on anything in years.  She was returned to me with increased confidence, more maturity, and much more consistent obedience.  Her obedience trainer was patient with me as he taught me how to work with her.  I found the entire staff to be caring and enthusiastic and they all seemed to enjoy the work they do.  Grounds and kennels are beautiful and clean.  HIGHLY recommend.

-Allison G.

Olympia works miracles! My pup was very anxious and fearful before attending the boarding school. Now she is so confident and comfortable in different settings and with many people.

-Kim W.


Thank you. I am celebrating this morning this little pup who seemed to have so much angst just 2 weeks ago. She is in control of herself, calm, willing and adjusting to life back at home beautifully.


I also want to thank you for your patience with me yesterday. Truly, you have a gift. It is one thing to be able to train a puppy when you love that work, another to train an owner who is uncoordinated and slow at processing a multi- step direction. You not once showed any frustration with me and I can’t tell you enough how important that is for some people!


When I dropped Rue off I had one goal in mind- I wanted this to be a step forward in making her a dog that I will mourn when she passes in old age. I want to love her like my aunt who 6 months after her 13 year old Cocker died still gets teary, or like a client of mine who 6 years after the death of his Wheaton gets choked up talking about him. I want to love her and make her part of our home. I wasn’t sure I could do that then, but this morning I think I am headed there and I can see the possibility. You may not think that what you do is such a big deal but it is- it is the difference between love and disdain, hope and dismay, and a peaceful or chaotic home. For this and to you I will be forever grateful.

I can't even begin to say "thank you" enough for the awesome job you have done with my German Shepard Sadie....she came back after just 2 weeks being with you guys and she is such a different pup! Her confidence, her demeanor, everything about her has changed for the better. People coming to the house this week has noticed what a difference in her as well. I'm  so pleased with the great work you have done on her and look forward to continuing the training.

Can't say thank you enough!! You guys are the best by far!

TAMMY (&Sadie too)


Thank you Olympia Kennels. My name is Ben and I am a veteran of the United States Army with diagnosed PTSD and agoraphobia connected to my service. I have long had trouble in public situations especially around large groups of people. I had a service dog, Zeus, for four great years until he was taken from me in a car accident. I soon realized that my life was much more difficult and I would not be able to function in society without a service dog at my side. I looked diligently for a service dog as doctors had recommended I do. After applying to many organizations and with little to no help from the VA, I began accepting that I might not be able to find a replacement for my companion.


Olympia Kennels found out about my situation and, within two months, paired me with Jada. I worked with her for two more months before applying for her certification as my service dog.


Last night we attended Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox. I have been to Fenway twice before, but had to leave early both times because of my anxiety. This time was different. Jada performed incredibly. She stayed at my side the entire game. Her obedience was perfect and her ability to calm my nerves so I could enjoy the game amidst the thousands of people in attendance was nothing short of a miracle. I was able to stay for the whole game, and am still in awe of how comfortable I was in that situation.


I am so grateful for my new service dog. I can't thank Olympia Kennels enough for pairing me with such an amazing friend."

-Ben C.


Before Olympia Kennel, Brady was extremely insecure, anxious, unfocused, needy and did not have the mindset to listen to us. Now Brady is confident, doesn’t nag us, listens to us and is very happy in his own skin. Brady was only 9months old and we are incredibly happy and impressed how Brady has grown and matured all thanks to Olympia Kennels. After meeting Mike for the first time we had no second guessing or an uneasy feeling that he couldn’t help Brady. Our biggest fear was not getting Brady back as the same happy puppy, but proved very wrong, Brady came home with the exact same personality and happier. He wanted to play with other dogs and still very friendly to people. Thank you!!"

Alicia A.

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