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Big or small we train them all!

Mike Pinksten, the proprietor and Training Director of Olympia Kennels, has been solving the training needs of pet owners and dog sport competitors for 50 years. With over twenty-five thousand dogs trained, Mike’s experience is second to none. Among his students is everyone from first-time puppy parents to the owners of adult dogs deemed “untrainable” by others. Mike is also an excellent teacher of humans, and can help even the most frustrated or confused dog owner to gain understanding of the training process in a meaningful way. Because Mike has spent years working with such a great number of dogs, rare or “difficult” breeds are neither rare nor difficult to him!


Olympia Kennels offers spacious indoor and outdoor facilities, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your family pet. We are located in rural Chester, NH, only an hour north of Boston. Our large training field and all-weather indoor facility offer plenty of room for your dog to interact with our staff, whether it’s for a training session, playtime, or simply some one-on-one attention.


This program teaches basic obedience commands and proper behavior to your pet. We offer standard training for dogs without major aggression issues. This program runs 2, 3 or 4 weeks dependent on the dogs age and temperament. Upon completion of training, you will receive a free lesson for each week that the dog is here. The first lesson will be given at pick up, which is scheduled in advance with the trainer. The follow up lesson will be given a week after pick-up. An additional lesson or two will be provided at no charge if the handler needs additional support.


The following skills are included in training:

  • Heel - walk on a loose leash without pulling

  • Sit on command and accept praise without jumping

  • Down on command and stay while you walk away

  • Stay - under distraction and temptation

  • Place - lie calmly in a designated spot

  • Acceptance of friendly strangers

  • Come when called

  • Crate training

  • Socialization

  • House manners

  • Meaning of "NO" 

  • "Drop it"

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Upon successful completion of our Standard Board & Train, we offer advanced off leash control which covers long distances and strong distractions. Your dog will perform reliably in these situations and you will learn the skills that will allow you to experience a higher level of dog ownership! Typically, this program runs 3-4 additional weeks. For each week that the dog stays with us, you receive an hour private session. The first lesson will be given at pick up, which is scheduled with the trainer in advance. Follow up lesson the following week. 

The following skills are included in training

  • Informal Heel

  • Off-leash Sit

  • Off-leash Down

  • Off-leash Stay

  • Off-leash Place

  • Duration work for sit, stay, down, and place

  • Off-leash Recall


*Limited Space Available*

This program is exclusive to von Olympia puppies. Upon completion of training, you will receive 1 free lesson. The lessons will be given at pick up, which will be scheduled with a trainer.

The following skills are included in training

  • Introduction to the leash

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Beginner Recall

  • Crate training

  • Socialization

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This is for dogs with deeply ingrained behavioral issues such as; separation anxiety, sharp/shy, human and/or dog aggression, object possessiveness, territoriality, pronounced dominance, and OCD behaviors (tail chasing, chewing to the point of self mutilation). The required length of stay is determined by the severity of the behavior issues at the evaluation. Upon completion of the board & train aspect, we will continue to monitor the dogs progress at home and set up sessions to ensure that modifications are maintained. Standard obedience commands are included in the program.

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No one has more time-tested experience in the field of protection training than Mike Pinksten and his crew.

All dogs must first be evaluated before protection training can begin: we will only work with dogs who exhibit sound temperament and owners who commit to the time and training that this program involves.

 Whereas traditional thinking advised waiting to commence protection training until the dog was over one year old and had extensive obedience training in place, our experience has taught us a different approach. We have found that the best results come from starting the dog at a younger age using methods and techniques geared toward the development of confidence and proper protective instinct.

A more comprehensive approach which incorporates both obedience and protection at a young age produces more lasting and reliable results when the dog reaches maturity.

Of course, we work with dogs of all ages, provided that they pass our pre-training evaluation.

We offer expert training and guidance in the fields of both home and personal protection and the sport of Schutzhund. 

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Puppy Starter Group Class

Standard Obedience Group Class

Advanced Obedience Group Class

IPO Group

CGC Group

New Group Puppy Class Starting this month!

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Olympia Kennels’ private lessons are ideal for owners who would like to take part in all facets of their dog’s training from start to finish.  Each five lesson course is specially designed around your dog’s unique temperament and behavioral issues.  Since you (the owner) are also our student when taking part in these lessons, we pace the training in a manner that you can easily follow.  After every lesson the staff will recap what you and your dog have learned, as well as give you effective exercises to improve your dog’s behavior at home.

  • Five sessions, one on one with an Olympia Kennels Trainer.

  • Command list.

  • Endless support from our staff.

  • Eligibility to participate in our pack walk events

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At a time when pet owners are being given a confusing number of choices, truly effective dog trainers are more in demand than ever. Olympia’s Professional Trainer’s Course will prepare you for the real world of commercial dog training, with an emphasis on hands-on skill as well as an in-depth exploration of training theory and methodology. Topics covered include the diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems; the instruction of private and group lessons and the marketing of your training business for profit. In addition, a course in home and personal protection training for the private sector is available for interested students. If a meaningful education is your goal, call today to set up an interview, and get ready for a learning experience that will challenge and reward you as a student and a dog lover. 

Schutzund Helper Course

 Learn the art and science of decoy work from the best source: Mike Pinksten is considered to be the dominating force in the New England Schutzhund scene. You will learn about the subtleties of reading the working dog; building and balancing drives; and the most effective techniques for the trial helper, supported by the decades-proven experience of Team Olympia.

Schutzund Handler Course

If you want to excel in the sport of Schutzhund, let Olympia’s Handler Course be your route to success! From selecting the right prospect and getting the best start all the way through preparation for trial day, we can be a decisive factor in your successful competitive career. Learn the correct foundation for all three phases from the trainer and coach of this region’s top Schutzhund competitors, Mike Pinksten. Train the right way the first time!

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The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. The 10 step CGC test is a non-competitive test that is recognized as the gold standard of dog behavior. All dogs who pass the program receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club. The CGC title is also a prerequisite for many therapy dog certifications, as well as a great introduction to more advanced dog sports and activities. Some homeowners’ insurance programs even offer discounts for CGC dogs, and an increasing number of apartments and condos see CGC awards as a major bonus for becoming a resident.Inquire with one of our trainers for more information, whether this is achieved through lessons or board & train is determined on an individual basis. 

*The majority of our day is spent training and caring for the dogs enrolled in our training programs, as well as tending to our GSD puppies. Our goal is to send home the best trained dog possible within the limited timeframe of their stay with us. Please understand it is not always possible to send daily photos and videos.

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