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So, you want a dog to protect your life, family and loved ones? There is no place with the training credentials or experience of Olympia Kennels and here's why...

For over four decades, Mike has had international experience providing dogs within the private sector, the military, our government and law enforcement agencies alike. These include accolades from the likes of the French Army Canine Corps (who then shipped overseas to quell riots and rebellion in different countries throughout the African continent), high-ranking government officials in South America, and the United Arab Emirates. Domestic endeavors include the United States Federal Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (an institution famous for housing notorious criminals such as Al Capone the gangster, Henry Hill of Goodfellas fame, and Jimmy Hoffa throughout history), and municipal police departments up and down the East Coast from Boston to Louisiana, over to California and back up to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mike was one of the few Americans who went behind the Iron Curtain in the early '80s as a broker for the United States Government, during which time his travels included East Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary. He evaluated, tested, and selected German Shepherd Dogs for State and Federal penal institutions. He has also provided and trained dogs for private security firms who then contract out their services.

Not one to forget his roots, Mike pays homage to the greats who helped shape him along the way. The four main influences being Bernhardt Mannel who was the father of modern Schutzhund in Germany, Dieter Haupt the head trainer, director and breeder for Jägermeister in Germany who trained many handlers and dogs for the Bundessieger Prufung and Weltmeisterschaft, Dr. Helmut Raiser & Bernard "Stemmi" Störmer the handler/helper team that trained two dogs from 8 weeks of age up to Bundessieger together. He continuous to enjoy working in close conjunction with his good friend, who is one of four German government approved brokers, the foremost supplier of German Shepherd Dogs in the world.


[DISCLAIMER *Most well-bred dogs are capable of Level 1 and Level 2. Level 3 is a man stopping, executive protection dog. When there is a serious threat in the home or to the person which requires the closest thing to a 24/7 body guard, this specialized training takes a certain level of superior genetic ability and a steady, aloof temperament. Only the elite specimens can be successful at this type of work. If your dog is not up to the task, Olympia can procure dogs who possess the innate qualities that it takes to perform at this caliber. We can take your current dog as far as it is capable of going, but if you have a serious safety concern, talk to us about finding a true protection canine.*]


The Level One dog is a psychological deterrent dog. The emphasis is on territorial aggression and will also do reactive aggression on leash by barking in a threatening way when someone threatens the handler, ceasing aggression on command. Depending on the dog’s temperament and genetic fighting drive, the dog may also engage the assailant if they step into the critical zone and try to do bodily harm to the handler.


Home protection:

Enhanced territorial aggression through agitation on a chain, in a building, in a vehicle, incorporating knocking on doors, and ringing bells. The dog will understand protecting a perimeter without command.

Personal protection:

A level two dog learns reactive aggression first. When someone acts in an aggressive manner—yelling, threatening, picking up a weapon—the dog will bark aggressively at the person on command, or will recognize that without a command in certain situations. On a second command, the dog will engage the assailant by biting them in the arm, or whatever part of the body presents itself first. Once the assailant is neutralized, the dog on command will release their grip, and return to heel position beside the handler. The dog will pursue a fleeing assailant on command. Will engage them, will fight them, and neutralize them at a distance. Upon the handler’s command will release and return to heel position. The dog will also on command, search for the person who may be hiding in the bushes, etc. and perform a hold & guard. Meaning the dog will bark menacingly and hold the person until the handler arrives and decides what is next, whether that be disengage or engage. The dog will perform a police canine rear transport, or side escort dependent on the situation, to walk the assailant either off the property or to be surrendered to law enforcement. At all times, obedience will be advanced to keep the dog reliable and predictable in all situations. The dog can be brought into public places, into events such as parties, visitations to people… the dog will not be a hair trigger, nor ever have to be put away for being unpredictable.


A level three dog will perform all exercises in Level Two, which will be expanded upon e.g., learn to bite the body bite suit and perform arm to leg transfers, leg to back transfers, leg to torso transfers. Extensive amount of time is spent teaching the dog to target different areas of the body, transferring between areas to keep the upper hand and dominate the assailant through aggression. The dog will learn to protect and attack multiple assailants during two and three-man attacks. This requires precise timing, experience, and a higher aggression level that is attained from mastering Level Two. The dog will also perform a reliable recall on the attack meaning before the dog engages, the handler can call the dogs attack off and return to the handler. A Level Three dog will perform strong alerts and display active aggression and become very intense without provocation or agitation, by command only. Often assailants will not act in an overtly aggressive or threatening manner but intend serious harm to the handler. On command, the dog will perform an all-out assault on even the seemingly passive criminal.

During all the training levels, the dog’s obedience will become more precise, accurate, and attain voice control in absence of training equipment.

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