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Pick of the Litter

“I want first pick!”

Years ago this statement was important when purchasing a #GSD pup. However, that has changed. Nowadays the way to get a great dog is in how you feed, exercise, and train your GSD puppy. The SV (which is the GSD kennel club in Germany) along with their knowledgeable breeders, has done a remarkable job in bringing consistency to their bloodlines. No more do you see a standout big pup and/or a much smaller runt compared to the others. In addition, the whole litter is very much alike in both looks and temperament, it's amazing really! Most breeders have to put color coded collars on their puppies to tell them apart. Consistency means quality, and the quality is at an all time high. Over the last fifteen years or so, Germany has fazed out lines that did not produce the type and temperament that enthusiasts are looking for. Large size, rich pigment, friendly outgoing character, beautiful structure, flowing gait, good hips and elbows. Rest assured, whether you have first pick or last pick, you have an excellent chance of getting the dog of your dreams if you feed, train and exercise your puppy properly. You can see this phenomenon for yourself, when you come to visit the litter. You'll be hard pressed to tell them apart. Says a lot about the effort that us breeders have put in to produce the finest specimens possible. The breeder makes the puppy, the owner makes the dog. Come see for yourself!


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