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The Facts About Board & Train

“Our Board and Train Program provides the experience needed to give dog lovers the thrill of owning a well trained dog!”

Many people are apprehensive about leaving their dog at a kennel to be trained. They have heard stories about abuse and neglect, so many trainers advise against it. While it may be true that there have been isolated incidents where dogs were not treated properly at a particular kennel, or the trainer was too hard on a dog, the reality is training the dog at a reputable establishment such as Olympia Kennels is very beneficial. Young dogs can suffer from separation anxiety the first time they are boarded when their owners go on vacation, so having the dog trained while they're away gives them the confidence and independence they need to maintain themselves when something unexpected comes up. The dog will fare well, instead of being stressed during their owners’ absence.

Many trainers with ten years experience or less will recommend against in-kennel programs. They have limited experience themselves, and buy into the theory that the person has to train the dog with their trainer or else he/she won't listen properly. They haven’t been around long enough to know that for many years this has been a common and very successful method. Hunting dogs are traditionally trained this way, so the owner, who has limited free time to run around in the woods with his dog, can enjoy hunting when they do have free time. The dog stays at the hunting dog kennel for many weeks to learn the skills he needs to give his owner the thrill of the sport. I'm sure these facilities provide excellent care; otherwise they would not be in business for so many years, which, of course, they have been.

I've never met a blind person who trained their own guide dog! Every single guide dog for the blind was trained at a professional kennel that specializes in this work. And those dog owners in particular, place their lives in the hands of these trainers. Can you imagine if those crazy stories were true, what would happen to the thousands of blind people who rely on their dogs every day?! They could get hit by a car crossing the street, or worse!

What about the dogs in Hollywood. Does anyone really believe that Timmy trained Lassie?! See my point? Lassie listened to every word that Timmy said, not because she (actually, all the Lassie's were Laddies!) loved him, but because she was trained by a Professional! In the movie business, time is money. The dog must be super trained, so he/she can perform the feat without a bunch of takes. This requires a dog trained by a professional, not the owner, or actor!

Dog training is one of the few endeavors where the student instantly becomes the teacher. They, the dog owners, when starting training, will listen to the trainer (as a student) and then attempt to train the dog (as a teacher). Although this method works, having the trainer teach your dog first is better, much better!

Why, because the dog will not be confused with your lack of proper timing and skill, and will learn easier, and with less stress. Once the dog understands commands from the trainer, and can perform the basics, heel, sit, down, stay, and come, the trainer can show them how he trained the dog, and how they should handle him. He can demonstrate the various commands with they're own dog, which will give them the confidence to successfully train and improve him in time. Because the dog has had an excellent foundation, he is under control, enjoys his work, and the owner knows he has the ability to obey, having seen it with the trainer. This system allows them to enjoy the dog so much more, because the dog is now reliable and predictable. Look, people drive their cars everyday, but they don't have to fix their vehicles themselves! That's why there are auto service centers, so the car/truck will run reliable, and they can depend on it. Give the professional trainer some credit. It's their career, and most of them take pride in what they do. And they are there for dog lovers and their best friend, to provide them with the help they need and develop a wonderful pet that is obedient and a pleasure to live with.

I've spent my life owning and training dogs. I got my first one at age seven, Princess, a genuine mongrel, and the most beautiful dog I ever saw - up to that point in my life. I have traveled the world training and showing dogs, and if there was a better way, I'd be doing it. Owners can take advantage of the fact that the person training their dog is highly qualified, and understands their dog’s needs.

So, if people are looking to get the most out of their dogs - their extended family, they should provide them with the same quality of education they want for their children. Here at Olympia Kennels, our Board and Train Program provides the experience needed to give dog lovers the thrill of owning a well trained dog!

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